We originally met in 1999 when Jodi’s brother, Chaz started racing in the British 125cc Championship which Michael & brother John were also competing in. Our families grew to know each other & we also became friends. Jodi spent many a weekend in the Laverty Iveco van chatting to Michaels sisters – Emma & Catherine whilst the boys got on with their racing.

After a few years as friends we eventually became an item in 2002 – Michael was 21 & Jodi, 18.

Jodi’s Mum & Dad went to watch a round of the BSB & were chatting to Michael there, when they returned home, Sam – Jodi’s Mum said “what a lovely boy Michael is” as she had been chatting away to him. Jodi decided to text Michael completely out of the blue whilst he was on the overnight boat returning back home to Northern Ireland after his race. Thank goodness for modern technology! We started texting back & forth, which swiftly moved on to numerous hours of phone calls to each other everyday for a few weeks.

Michael then flew over to Wales one weekend and stayed at Jodi’s parents house whilst they were away racing with Chaz.

Jodi – “I remember being very nervous when I went to collect Michael for the first time from the train station, wondering what we would talk about & whether we were going to get on well together. I remember spending AGES doing my hair & make-up & stressing out about what I should wear!”.

She needn’t have worried, they got on so well & it turned out to be the start of our journey together… as they say – “the rest is history”!


By the time we get married, we will have been together for 12 and a half years & can probably count on one hand the amount of arguments we have had over this time. After 4 years enduring a long distance relationship of us flying back & forth to each others houses, Michael finally moved over to Wales & he & Jodi set-up home next to her parents house where we still live now.

Michael’s racing career started to take off in the British Supersport/Superbike Championships, we bought our first Motorhome & spent weekends away racing. In the Winter down time we enjoyed lovely holidays, going to the cinema & my infamous shopping trips – where most of the arguments were experienced! 🙂

montage24In 2013, we faced a new chapter in Michael’s racing career when he signed for the Paul Bird Motorsport team to race MotoGP – something most riders can only dream of & we were both really excited to take on this new challenge. It meant us traveling to 18 rounds all over the world & being away from home for much of the year.

We decided before the season was due to start with testing in Malaysia that we would go away for a weekend somewhere nice before our schedule got hectic. We had planned to go to Rome which fell through at the last minute due to flight times & we only had 3 days before Michael flew east to Malaysia.


We found a lovely country manor spa hotel in Cheshire & booked in for a couple of days to get pampered, eat in their posh Michelin star restaurant & have a day out shopping. After a lovely first day we went to bed & Jodi woke early the next morning to find a box placed on her bedside table.

Jodi – ” I saw the box & wondered what it was, I opened it up & the ring was sitting inside. In disbelief, I turned to look at Michael, he looked back smiling with half open eyes! I started crying & he got out of his bed (big deal for him, especially at my hour of waking)! & got down on one knee – I cried some more & obviously said YES!!!

After a trip to Tiffany & Co. jewellers in New York, he had an idea of my perfect ring. It had been discussed – just a few times! 😉 I just wasn’t fond of the Tiffany band or the cut of their diamonds.

So, Michael had the ring made, which meant it was all the more special for me & totally unique. AMAZING! A knife-edge band, 2.01ct solitaire – flown in all the way from LA, cut in my favourite way “hearts & arrows” and set in Platinum. He even added a small secret diamond underneath on the inside of the band. THE perfect ring!


Now, Michael did mention that there was to be no wedding talk for at least a year… hahaha, that was never going to happen was it?! Mum & I started planning right away and set the date for the 6th December 2014 which gave us 22 months. Wedding planning is definitely my calling in life, I’m enjoying every minute of it & I’m doing EVERYTHING myself! I never realised I was a control freak until this happened to me! The Ultimate Bridezilla! :-)”

So all that remains to say is that we hope you enjoy our special day, we can’t wait to share it with you all… xxx