Flights are reasonable from Belfast City/international airports across to England.

You would need to hire a car England side as all airports will require a drive to the venue. We use Liverpool, Birmingham or East Midlands airports most frequently.

Birmingham is the closest, with East Midlands being only another 20mins further & Liverpool another 10mins longer again. Check other airports for prices as they may be cheaper into the London airports but the drive this side will obviously be a bit longer.

Airport travel distances:

Birmingham Airport: 1hr 45min (70 miles)

Liverpool Airport: 2hrs 30min (102 miles)

East Midlands Airport: 2hrs 17min (105 miles)

Cardiff Airport: 2hrs 10min (88 miles)

Heathrow Airport: 2hrs 50min (154 miles)

Luton Airport: 2hrs 55min (148 miles)

Gatwick Airport: 3hrs 30min (190 miles)

Stanstead Airport: 3hrs 40min (186 miles)